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Play based learning

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Best Preschool in JP Nagar, Bangalore
best pre schools in jp nagar, bangalore


How play based learning helps?

Preschools in JP Nagar

Our play-based learning helps children develop social skills, motivation to learn, and even language and numeracy skills.it encourages our children in taking initiative, focused attention, and curiosity about the world. Our program makes us the best pre school in JP Nagar, Bangalore.


A child voluntarily chooses to play, how they’ll play, and for how long. An adult may initiate play insofar as he or she invites or suggests play but the child determines the rest.


Play is enjoyable for the child. This emotional aspect is important. There may be some frustrations or disagreements during play but overall it’s pleasurable.


A child has ample time to explore and discover during play. They’re directed by their own interests, not by any prescribed rules or plans.

Goal Oriented

Play involves imagination and it is a process which is directed towards polishing recreational skills of a child.

Early Literacy

Our academic curriculum introduces a child to the world of letters and their sounds through amazing activities. Literacy development in preschool forms the basis of higher schooling and thus, we lay much emphasis on correct formation of letters and phonics.

Math Readiness

The universe of numbers is incredible. US kids, the best preschool in JP Nagar, Bangalore, creates a math friendly environment where a child learns the basics of applying numbers.

Physical Skills

US Kids has a varied sports time table which is age appropriate and helps in developing a child physically. We focus on keeping children active and physically responsive.


We empower our children with the tools of creativity that enable them to generate innovative ideas and put them into action. We encourage various forms of art for our children.

Motor Skills

Mastering gross and fine motor skills are important for a child's growth and independence. Our activities involve developing a child’s various skill sets.


US Kids promote verbal and non verbal communication skills. We encourage meaningful interactive sessions and teach children correct body language and aesthetics.


We let our Parents speak for us!



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