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Preschools in JP Nagar

Our Vision

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Our Vision

Welcome to the best play school in JP Nagar, Bangalore. Our vision as a preschool, daycare and night care is to add meaning to the lives we serve. Through our curriculum and activities, we want our children to learn the value of being independent, responsible and sustainable and also practice them in their lives.

We want our children to be able to understand the outcomes of their intended actions and plan wisely. The world appreciates the one who is well planned and can influence many lives. US Kids is a home of future leaders and influencers and our vision shall evolve with the world because change is the only constant in life.

Transforming young impressionable minds into lifelong learners.

Development and refinement of physical, mental and cognitive skills.

Development of a child’s personality and boosting their holistic approach.

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Our Mission

Creating a second home for children through the best play school in JP Nagar, Bangalore where they are nurtured with affection, care, responsibility and happiness. Developing a comprehensive learning environment for every child. Our mission is to help every parent who desires holistic development for his child. We promise a nurturing environment where every child gets freedom of learning and re-learning.

Developing curiosity that leads to learning

Stimulating cultural sensitivity in children

Encouraging Independence and Responsibility

Preschools in JP Nagar
Best Play School in JP Nagar
Best Play School in JP Nagar

Director’s Note

Dear Parent,

I understand that every child is unique and special. I seek to partner with you in grooming and nurturing young lives. We shall together identify and harness a child’s skills and interests.

Early childhood experiences are critical to building a strong foundation for whatever career a child may eventually pursue. We, at US Kids, endeavor to contribute to a child’s holistic development that will help him acquire self confidence and skills needed to follow his dreams.

My dream for every child at our center is being able to facilitate big ideas learning within an independent environment. I believe learning in early years shall go beyond academics. We encourage our students to attain their personal best and we celebrate their individual accomplishments.

I look forward to meeting you, as a first step, to what I believe will make a difference in your child’s development.  Subsequently, I would like to partner with you and play a significant role in your child’s life, in providing a strong foundation and confidence to prepare your child for the ever-changing realities of our current environment.

Play Based Learning

The easiest and most effective way to a child’s brains is through a fun route. Learning for an adult and child are two totally diverse concepts. At US Kids, our attempt is to keep our curriculum light and kids friendly through interactive and fun-based activities.

A child learns best when taught through play. Be it academics or moral values, at the best play school in JP Nagar, Bangalore everything is for the child and hence it is through interactive play activities.

Engaging Activities

Develops a child physically, emotionally and mentally

Generates love for learning and exploring

daycare in jp nagar