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Top 5 Pieces of Parenting Advice That Every Parent Needs

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In the current scenario of the world where goodness and ethics are taking a back seat in our lives, it has become very important for parents to realise the fundamentals of good parenting.

Good parenting infuses empathy, control and discipline in children which are the foundations to leading a life that is beneficial for them and society at large.

It is very important to set goals while dealing with children. Their actions should be driven by self-motivation to be just and fair. Adapting your parenting styles to fit your child’s age and understanding is always a wise move.

As parents or grandparents, you wish the best for your children. By following general parenting advice you can make sure that you are grooming your children right. 

  1. Set Good Examples

Your children observe every single act that you do. They see you as role models. Hence it is very important for you to watch your actions.

Children tend to imitate the actions of their parents or grandparents. Good behaviour shown by you will motivate them to be good and vice versa. 

A child that grows up in a violent atmosphere or sees his parents lying, will do the same when they walk out. Practice behaviour and morals that you want your child to be infused with.

  1. Acknowledge his good behaviour

A child feels motivated when you appreciate his actions. It is very important to determine which behaviour of your child you are motivating. 

If you do not reward his positive actions, gradually he may lose interest in being good. This is a basic child tendency!

It is important to establish before children that you are paying attention to their actions. A child should feel wanted. And when you reward his ethical behaviour by your words, he feels motivated.

  1. Start Early

There is no such rule that states the correct age of teaching your children mannerisms. The earlier you start, the better it is.

A child should be taught discipline, control, and the difference between good and bad right from a very early age.

If you wait too long, it will become difficult for you and the child as well to get back to the track. This is for a simple reason that a child under the developing stage needs direction and if you correct him at this very stage, it becomes easier for him to adapt himself accordingly.

The longer you wait, the more he will get used to behaving the way he feels right.

  1. Make your child Self Reliant

Although you are responsible for your child’s growth and development, make sure you do not end up making your child totally dependent on you.

The world encourages ‘survival of the fittest’ policy. You need to inculcate this culture right from his initial years. 

Make your child capable of performing his duties independently depending upon his age group. 

Gradually this will become his habit and he may expand the scope of activities that he can do by himself. Independent children also have a sense of self-esteem for their successes.

  1. Communication is important

Communication discards confusion between you and your child. It is important to communicate but it is even more important to communicate effectively.

Your child should understand your words in the same sense you want them to and vice versa. Communication is not just verbal! Your actions serve as a source of communication as well. 

Make sure you have a bond strong enough that your child feels free to share his insecurities and fears with you. He should nowhere suppress his emotional needs before his parents.

Giving your time and attention to nurturing your child is very important. When you bring life to this Earth, it is your responsibility to teach the fundamentals of being a good and ethical human being. 

Happy Parenting!

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